Why Digital Dictation

Digital dictation products deliver the same levels of reliability as their analog predecessors, but with a wealth of additional features. Digital dictation allows you to organize your workload more efficiently and work more productively. It is essential to enhancing organization-wide communications and documentation workflows.

It offers you a wide choice of mobile devices that will increase both your mobility and flexibility. And if you prefer, you may even dictate at your desk, directly into your PC.

Some of the Benefits are:

Superior quality: Clear, precise recording and playback for easy transcription.

Total flexibility: Instant access to any part of the recording plus insert / delete / overwrite functions.

Increased efficiency: Digital files are available immediately for faster transcription and turnaround of completed documents.

Easiest working practices: Transfer data quickly and simply via e-mail or PC network. You can also work remotely.

Future-proof: Designed to be used with the latest workflow management and speech recognition systems.

Almost unlimited dictation time.