Law Enforcement Digital Dictation

Have you been in a situation where, when a case comes to trial, the interview room recording of a suspect’s confession or witness  statements were inaudible or damaged?   With a digital recorder, this problem can be avoided altogether.

We work with companies that have extended their success in digital court recording to the Law Enforcement arena, with an emphasis on police interview room recording.  Built on  patented technology, they offer simple, reliable and innovative ways to capture, index, access and manage 2-channel digital audio and video recordings of police interviews and interrogations.

Why should you replace your existing VHS tape system now?

The quality of analog (VHS) recordings deteriorates drastically over time, tapes can get easily damaged or broken and it is hard to search for specific content.  VHS players are already becoming hard to find and service.  Many states are beginning to require that digital interview recorders be in operation during the interview room recording.  So, now is the time to invest in future-proofing the process for recording your investigative interviews.

 We have a long history in dealing with the law enforcement industry. Law enforcement agencies of all types including Police Departments, Sheriff Departments and Investigation Bureaus use many types of recording and video capture devices in many different circumstances. We have telephone interview recording devices, portable recorders for patrol officers, audio/video interrogation packages for interview rooms and recording solutions for just about any situation in law enforcement.

Since every situation is different it is difficult to simply offer each product, we have found that contacting us is your best option so you can provide us with your specific needs.