Legal Digital Dictation

Solutions for Attorneys & Law Firms

As tape/cassette based (known in the industry as analog) dictation systems have become obsolete and more difficult to repair, lawyers and firms of all sizes have quickly taken to digital dictation solutions as not only an available replacement, but a significant improvement in efficiency and the bottom line. No more broken or lost tapes and a much higher sound quality than tapes. The clarity of the dictations is one of the first things transcriptionists comment on.

All Makes has successfully installed varying digital dictation solutions into small, medium and large sized law firms. Regardless of the size of your firm, digital dictation can offer:

• Easy transcription load sharing via the network. If a transcriptionist is out sick, someone else can easily take over their work load.
• Zero learning curve dictation devices. They work the way you are accustomed to. Slide switch dictation. When you are done, you dock it and off it goes. We call that “dock and walk”.
• Enterprise-level file management at consumer-level prices.
• One-on-one or "pooled" transcription distribution.
• Speech recognition to cut transcription turnaround by more than 50%.
• Easy Dictation

Attorneys have more important things to do than typing. Even seasoned “keyboarders” are turning to digital dictation due to its profound improvement in turnaround time. Attorneys should focus on billing and not typing and digital dictation allows them to do this and have their work sent for transcription immediately without leaving their office, hotel room or home. Using tape based dictation and/or “self transcribing” does not improve billable hours. Attorneys are finding that they can dictate a letter, memo, pleading or any document and send it and move on to the next task. As they are working on dictation number 2, dictation number 1 is already being typed for them and so on. With today's professional handheld recorders, attorneys can have the portability of a tape recorder with the security and convenience of digital. After dictating, the attorney simply drops the recorder into a recharging docking cradle and the voice files are quickly off-loaded and saved to a network location where one or more transcriptionists can be instantly alerted. After a back-up of the voice file is made for extra safety, the recorder is erased and the attorney is back at work - in only a few seconds!

It's doesn't get easier than that.

Efficient Transcription

If you could transcribe by listening to the dictator standing next to you, you'd agree that would give you the best sound quality. The accuracy of your dictation would no doubt improve. Today's professional digital dictation and transcription systems let you hear dictation like never before. You can easily share dictations with other transcriptionists, suspend dictations while you wait for additional information, and even forward dictations to another office or offsite transcription service.

Recognize the Savings

By using speech recognition for your dictation, you can cut transcription time over 50%. Whether you, as the author, dictate directly into your computer as it converts to text, or you use a handheld recorder and off-load to your transcriptionist to process, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal can give you and your staff extra time, while also reducing workplace injuries.