Courtroom Digital Dictation

New digital recording systems are being installed in Courtrooms across the country. Equipment includes microphones placed strategically at various locations throughout the courtroom, including mikes at both the plaintiffs’ and defendants’ counsel tables where they may be turned off if the attorney wishes to speak to his or her client, the jury box, the witness stand, Judge’s bench and in the spectators gallery. Speakers can also be installed throughout the courtroom to allow clear audio sound.

These systems replace the old cassette tapes and the associated storage of those tapes. One important advantage is, the ability to isolate certain testimony for transcription. These systems are not only functional and dependable, they do not destroy the continuity and integrity of the courtroom.

We have a long history of working with court recording systems. We have worked with courts at all levels from traffic, small hearing rooms, and immigration hearings to Superior and U.S. District Courts. We have what we believe are the world’s best offerings for multi-channel court and hearing room recording environments. These companies make world class offerings for court rooms, hearing rooms and also city council meetings or other larger environments requiring multiple channels or multiple microphones and all of them are as simple to use as an ATM machine!

Since every situation is different it is difficult to simply offer each product, we have found that contacting us is your best option so you can provide us with your specific needs.